Late season for blueberries in Eugene area

August 9, 2008 § 9 Comments

So last month when we went to pick cherries at Detering’s Orchard we had intended to Adkins Farms blueberry bucketsalso gather our season’s supply of blueberries. But the late warmth stunted the blueberry crop and when we inspected the bushes available for u-pick there were more green than blue berries. After a few busy weekends recently, we finally had a chance to head out and get our blueberries today.

I drive by River Bend Farms on Highway 58 frequently, and saw their sign advertising blueberries, but I wasn’t sure if they offered u-pick. So I called them this morning (phone: 520-2561) and Annette informed me that while they don’t offer u-pick berries, she could recommend a few nearby farms to check out: McKenzie River Organics, Adkins Farm, and Blondie’s Blooms.

McKenzie River Organics is near Leaburg (Past mile-post 23 on Highway 126, on right. Open 9-6. 896-3928), and that seemed to be a bit too far of a drive, so we opted A morning rain-soaked rose at Blondie's Blooms to check out Blondie’s or Adkins. We searched for a phone number for Adkins and couldn’t find a single reference to the farm, but we figured there would be signage along Seavey Loop (Note: I later found a classified ad in the Register Guard, and Adkins’ phone is 579-5431). Blondie’s is along Cloverdale Road between Pleasant Hill and Creswell. Because of a missed exit at 30th St. on I-5, we decided to first go ahead and check out Blondie’s, which Annette had reported had young berry bushes. We arrived at the nursery and blueberry farm and walked around and inspected the plants (mature nursery stock) and bushes, and even had the chance to listen to the fake predatory bird call. But after 26 minutes with no person in sight, we got in the car and drove over to Adkins (we later saw Blondie hocking her berries at the Saturday Farmer’s Market — so it’s possible that while she left the nursery in the hands of her family, they didn’t take their customer-service role seriously).

We got back in the car and headed west on 58 to Seavey Loop. We immediately saw a little white sign on a telephone pole advertising Adkins Farms blueberries, and we drove along until we saw the sign point to the right down a gravel road (coming from the other direction you would drive straight instead of following Seavey Loop road around a sharp right-hand turn). We drove slowly down the narrow road, passing a couple of philbert and apple orchards, and a small newly planted vineyard. At the end of the road is Adkins Farm, with raspberries, blueberries, and apples. ( 8-5 M-Sat. 579-5431). The farm is a Blueberries at Adkins Farmpicturesque spot, with neatly mowed grass under the apple trees, a picnic table, and straight long rows of mature blueberry bushes. We followed the signs to the u-pick parking near the shed and checked in and got our buckets for picking.

I was directed to take note of an interesting paper wasp nest that had formed on a birdhouse on an oak tree (they observed my camera), and then we were off to pick. The berries were $1.50/lb, and we filled our buckets a little over 3/4 full each and walked away after about forty minutes with $9.50 in berries. We will be rinsing them and freezing some for later and using the rest in some pancakes and perhaps, if boyfriend is lucky, a pie.Paper wasp nest on oak tree and birdhouse at Adkins Farm

The blueberries should remain available for picking at local farms through the end of August. Also, if you go to Adkins, bring a container to take home your fruit in — they just provide the buckets for picking and a scale to weigh them, but no carry-home containers.

Lane County U-pick Blueberry Resources:

As we were searching for a phone number for River Bend Farms we came across this handy list of Oregon roadside farm stands which is a great resource for these kinds of local food excursions!

The Oregon Blueberry Commission provides a listing of member farms in Lane County (and other counties), but it is incomplete. They also provide some interesting blueberry recipes.

Adkins Heritage Farm, Seavey Loop Road (follow the signs); 8-5 M-Sat. 579-5431

The Berry Patch Farm near Leaburg, no spray, open M-Sat, 8-6

McKenzie River Organics, near Leaburg (Past mile-post 23 on Highway 126, on right); open 9-6, 896-3928

Some good friends of mine recommend Green-Hill-Aire’s Organic u-pick operation that is close to Eugene (28794 Hillaire Street); 688-8276. I called, they are going to be open 8/16 and 8/17 from 8-6; but they’ve been closed for two weeks because they had been picked out. Call for availability.

Miller’s in Springfield on Camp Creek Road is also organic; Mon 8-7 Tues-Sat 8-5. 746-1760

Bear Fruit: Mon.-Sat., 9-5 Harrisburg – follow signs. 995-3445

Greenbrier Farm: 83524 Rattlesnake Rd. , Pleasant Hill

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§ 9 Responses to Late season for blueberries in Eugene area

  • lauraispass says:

    I love Green-Hill’s upick. I have gone three time already. The most recently was last weekend, in which we went at around noon and it was blazing hot. We only left with 3/4 bucket full and planned to return soon (but way earlier in the day).

    Our neighbor really wants to go during the week, but I’m having trouble finding a upick place less than 20 minutes away that follows organic methods.

  • Laura Wagers says:

    I response to your experience at Blondie’s Blooms & Berries, I have always found her customer service to be very good. While most times she runs the nursery and blueberry fields by herself ( very hard job to farm and pick berries alone) she has always treated her customers as if they are most important. I’m going to assume that if you saw her at the saturday market later that afternoon, then she did have to leave her business that day to her family. Blondie is sorry that you had that experience, When you saw her at the saturday market “hocking” her berries, you should of said something to her because I know she would of apologized and offered a pint of berries to you for your troubles, AND they would of been the best berries you tasted. Proof of that is her price, sell-outs, no sprays, and the most delicious berries around. I hope you’ll give Blondies another try, as I think you’ll be very delighted at Blondie’s, Blooms, & Berries.

  • Heather says:

    Hey, we went to Adkins today, as your post suggested and they are closed for the season. You might want to change your article. . .

    Greenbrier Farm in Dexter, 1/2 mile off Hwy 58 on Rattlesnake Road (about 8 miles from I-5) Has beautiful berries! $1.50 you pick!

  • Donna Schmidt says:

    My husband, Rich, and I have a one & a half acre blueberry farm out Hwy 58 between Pleasant Hill & Dexter. We have around 2,000 mature plants that come into harvest around July 4th until the end of August. Annette at River Bend used to buy picked berries from us, so maybe she forgot that we were out here when you called. We are Greenbrier Farm, at 83524 Rattlesnake Rd. Next year give us a try and you won’t be disappointed. We have a restroom, picnic tables, shade trees and an oldtime rope swing. Our prices are always right and we love having families out & about. Thanks, Donna & Rich Schmidt

  • Donna Schmidt says:

    Hi! It’s Donna from Greenbrier Farm. We are officially open for u-pick starting July 15th, 7am to 3pm, Fri., Sat., and Sunday 9am to 2pm. Just a headsup regarding our hours, we feel it is best to pick early in the day when it’s cooler. Your berries will last longer and our plants fare better when picked during the cooler morning hours. Our season ends around Labor Day weekend. Our address is 83514 Rattlesnake Rd. Dexter. If you need directions call (541)741-3106 ask for Rich or Donna. The berries are still $1.50 / lb. and just as sweet as last year (maybe better!). Y’all come!

  • Sarah Miller says:

    I found some great blueberries at Beacon Blueberries — large and sweet, still lots left on the bushes. I did u-pick but I think you can also get flats if you call ahead. There was an ad in the paper — it is in the River Road area.

  • Sara Miller says:

    Sure — the u-pick hours are generally friday – sunday, noon to 6, phone # is 285-3133, and it is off of River Road at 735 East Beacon Drive. I think that you can pick at other times if you call ahead.

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